The Most Powerful One-Day Workshop for Business Leaders, EVER


Hey Business Leader!

  • If you’re frustrated by the pressure to deliver (by the Board of Directors, the C-Suite or Executive team, your boss, your customers, or the high bar you set for yourself)…
  • And, you really want to create a HUGE increase in your Profits and Operational performance…
  • WITHOUT continuing to rely on BRUTE FORCE or interventions that only help in the short term…

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We created this One-Day Workshop because we want you
to Double YOUR Profits

The Problem is that you are frustrated by your current profit levels because of very real
and critical business problems you need to solve.

Is this what is holding your profits down?


    Your strategy isn't right for you or not delivering results

    Maybe you had a strategy that is no longer valid, don’t have one at all, or can’t carry out your plans.


    Your team doesn't execute well

    The job simply isn’t getting done and customers are unhappy, or it’s costing you too much to deliver basic expectations.


    Your leaders don't anticipate or solve issues

    You find the same problems tend to repeat, and too many surprises get in the way of your progress.


    Your team isn't engaged or bought into your vision

    You seem to repeatedly describe your vision without confidence that your team can make it a reality.


    Your Culture literally blocks your progress

    The way things get done in your company frustrate you – you know it should be easier to get results.


    You are stuck handling day-to-day demands

    You would rather build systems and work on strategic items but don’t trust the daily deliverables will be handled without you.

If so, you’re not alone –

This is exactly what business leaders like you are experiencing. You probably dread going to work to face this uphill battle every day (and if not, you most likely will soon…), and you wish there was a better way.

And we know what you can do about it.

Hi! – We are Pete Winiarski and David Tweedt. We lead a team of business mentors who help you remove your barriers to high performance and optimize your people and processes so you can:

  • maximize your profits for the long term
  • achieve your most important goals, and
  • create a legacy.

When you join us at this workshop we will show you how!

We have been conducting research and know exactly what business leaders like you say your biggest issues are, and precisely what you need to do so you can enjoy sustainable profit growth year-over-year.

During the workshop, we will reveal the results of our research and what actions you can take to quickly put your company on a trajectory to double your profits!

  • Strategy Execution

    Accelerating and Amping Up your Strategy Execution. Defining your long-term strategy is one thing. Engaging your entire workforce to drive your strategy faster and further is a totally different challenge.

  • Leadership

    Growing High Impact Leaders is like putting premium gas in your performance car. High Impact Leaders accelerate your productivity gains year over year, gaining momentum as they are growing their teams.

  • Day-to-Day Execution

    Enhancing your team’s ability to execute provides you peace of mind and allows you as the best leader to focus to the bigger picture requirements of running your business.

  • Culture

    Fixing your culture. Developing the key systems and structures provide the catalyst to shift your employees’ mindset and ultimately their behaviors towards optimizing the value provided to your customers and greatly reducing all the wasted time and energy on dysfunction and misalignment in your company.

  • Engagement

    How to engage your team to build their excitement, totally buy into your vision, and virtually guarantee that you will hit your goals more quickly.

WHEN these Innovative Strategies are in place and running optimally you will actually have fun at work again! We mean you genuinely enjoy getting out of bed with anticipation about what exciting adventures await you and your team, because you are confident you can take on absolutely anything that comes your way!

CAUTION: This event is only for serious business leaders who want to make significant and lasting changes – for your business and for yourself!

That’s why we want you to request an invitation, and when you do you will have a short application to complete – to confirm… on this page

Grab this unique opportunity to learn the most important strategies to put in place so you can be the most effective, improve your operational results, and double your Profits – Totally Risk Free!

This workshop is valued at $1297 and is currently set at a tuition level of just $297... And is FULLY GUARANTEED! We have limited seats so if you want to see your business results skyrocket do this right now:

  1. Click the link to request your invitation to apply
  2. Complete your application
  3. Register for this event, which requires $297 as a fully refundable deposit to hold your seat.

RISK FREE GUARANTEE: When you attend the entire event, if you believe that we did not deliver $297 worth of value to you, see us before you leave and we will refund your deposit.

The application will just take a few minutes for you to complete – go ahead and hit the button to request your invitation now.


This event is at the newly renovated East Hartford Holiday Inn on October 19 – You’ll receive a Welcome Kit with all the details when you register

Contact our office directly if you want to register 5 of more people from your team for this event: